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Hello, my name is child of the one true King I’ve been saved, I’ve been changed, I have been set free “Amazing Grace” is the song I sing Hello, my name is child of the one true King; – Matthew West


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Hello, my name is Tabitha Raines, I am a child of the one true King, Jesus Christ. I am also the daughter of Terri and Todd Slayton, the creator of this site and one of my biggest encouragers.

 I began my journey with Jesus when I was eight years old. It was also around that time that I was enrolled in Grace Christian School, where I received a wonderful education and an opportunity to participate in  basketball, volleyball, track, and some short lived soccer. My summers were full of softball. My life revolved around sports. Sports became my life. I went away to college my first year to play basketball and softball with an undecided major.  I ended up back at home the next year with a lot of debt and no direction for my life. It was at that point, that I had to take a step back and ask God what He wanted for my life. I was debating on being a teacher or a nurse. Time was winding down, and I had to make a decision. The Lord led me to Matthew 25:35-40. I knew at that moment, that I was called to be a nurse. The funny thing is, there was really no debate that needed to take place because not too long after I chose nursing, David Mullins asked me to teach a young boys class at church.

 As my journey continued, I went to nursing school at Marshall University and I taught as the Lord opened doors for different age groups and classes. I graduated from Marshall in 2006 with a BSN and began my career at KDMC shortly after. Little did I know, God was preparing me for bigger things.

 While I was still teaching Sunday school, my parents took over the youth group at our church, which opened even more doors for ministry. I found myself teaching on youth night, praying at youth events, and envisioning myself teaching at one of the events. I knew God had more for me to do, and I knew it would take God for these things to happen. After all, I was the girl who hated speech class and had been labeled all my life as one who didn’t talk much.

 To catch you up to date, God has taken this quiet, sports distracted girl and has allowed and enabled her to become a leader of her nursing team and continues to open her mouth and speak through it as opportunities arise. I’m thankful for the recent opportunities I’ve had to open service and speak on Wednesday night at Resonance Church. I’m thankful for the opportunities to encourage coworkers, family members, and to pray with patients. It’s amazing to me how God can take our weaknesses and use them for His glory. I pray I am able to encourage the readers of this blog. God has a calling for your life, and what He calls you to do; He will equip you to do.

 I love music, and I’ve used many songs in my lessons over the years. So, as I started off with lyrics, allow me to end with some lyrics.

 “Live With Abandon”

Chasing after this world makes me tired; Praisin’ my own name leaves me dry; There’s gotta be so much more to life than this; A higher calling that I missed; I want my life to count, every breath; I wanna live with abandon; Give You all that I am; Every part of my heart Jesus; I place in Your hands; I wanna live with abandon; I’ll drop everything to follow You; It’s only Your hands I hold onto; There’s gotta be more to life than this; A higher calling that I missed; I want my life to count, every breath; I’m not looking back I’m done with that; Wanna give You all I have

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