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Did you know? You are a runner. Yes, you… Everyone is a runner. This blog is dedicated to all runners just like you.

Please, allow me to  explain.

There are two types of runners: Physical and Spiritual

  • Physical Runner – Anyone who trains for events such as 5K or 50K… You may run for trophies or ribbons. Or maybe you don’t actually race but instead run errands or chase your children. Yea, that qualifies as physical running too.


  • Spiritual Runner – Anyone who is alive and breathing are runners of life. This is everyone. Moms, Dads, Husbands, Wives, Children, Brothers, Sisters and you. You are training for a spiritual run this very moment. The finish of your spiritual run decides your eternal destiny and the type of trophy given to you.


Do you need a spiritual boost? How about a spiritual makeover? How about a brand new spiritual man or woman… Then this blog will help you. Spiritually are you searching for ways to strengthen your endurance, improve stability, increase fuel, gain power and energy? Then this blog irunbyfaith.com is for you.

Life is a marathon. It’s a road race, a trail run and you may even climb a mountain or two. Let’s run this together. Together we can make it.

My mission is to help everyone experience a golden relationship with Jesus Christ while finishing their race strong… pressing toward the mark.

No more hate and fears… that’s being replaced by love and chasing lions.


Todd i run by faith aboutMy name is Todd Slayton, and I am a runner. I run physically for myself and I run spiritually for God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit.

Let me start from the beginning. Many years ago, actually 34 long years ago I ran track at Ceredo-Kenova. I was in the 7th grade. I ran one race. Yea, just one!

It was the mile run. I remember running around the school track thinking to myself. “Why am I here and why am I doing this?” The Runners started to lap me. It was bad. I finished last and promised myself never to run again. I despised running.

Well, I kept that promise for about 28 years. Then something life changing happened, in 2008 I joined a friend for a 5k race event (it was a good cause) and the rest is history. Since then I have run in countless races ranging from 5K to 50K. Yea that’s 50K or 31 miles!

Besides free falling over 220 feet bungee style, running a 50K is the stupidest thing I have done. Well maybe not stupid but it was very painful.

Yea, I consider myself a runner and I love it. That’s the physical runner in me.

About the same time I was running Junior High track (1979)… I was attending church with my parents. I knew at an early age how important it was to live a life for Jesus. You know, do nice things, love people and make my parents proud… that sort of stuff.

I also knew God had called me to do more. RAP Deception - iRunByFaith BW

Well, for many years I ran spiritually away from God. I have always attended church but I was running the wrong direction. Until one day a friend asked me to help out in the youth ministry. And the rest is history. Since then I have ministered to young people, seniors and anyone else who will listen. I have organized special youth events such as RAP Fest. I have spoken many faith based motivational messages at area churches, nursing homes and other community gatherings. The message is always about Jesus. Without Him I am running a losing race.

And right now as I’m writing, I have been a part of a church plant team. The team is known as Resonance Church. The team is inspired by the promises of God, their faith and the leadership of David Mullins. Resonance hopes to launch in the near future and serve the tri-state of WV, KY and OH


I Run By Faith Todd RunnerSo, I am running physically and spiritually. And let me tell you, the spiritual run is a tougher race! But it’s the most rewarding… by far!…
See Hebrews 11:6, Colossians 3:23-24, 1 Timothy 6:17-19 and Galatians 6:9


No matter what type of runner you are, my hope is that we can run together. Share stories of hope, inspiration, and love. Together moving forward we can finish our race. No matter physical or spiritual…. But I am here to say that your Spiritual run is top priority. I encourage you to train and condition yourself for the spiritual run. This is done by reading and understanding the word of God.


Other stuff about me:

  • Even though I do not recall, they say I was born in Los Angeles California. I grew up in Ceredo, WV. My hometown.
  • I graduated from Ceredo-Kenova High School and Marshall University.
  • I am married to my wonderful wife Terri. I have two adult children. My daughter Tabitha is a nurse and my Son Eric is attending Marshall School of Pharmacy.
  • I have the best parents and two very loving sisters.
  • My favorite teams are the Reds and Steelers. And I enjoy road trips, cruise vacations, movies, peanuts, anything chocolate and flavored coffee.


Welcome to where everyone runs.

Todd iRBF I run By Faith


So, let’s run our race with endurance… focusing on Jesus, THE CHAMPION of our faith run. Moving forward everyone says “i run by FAITH :)

Hebrews 12:1



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