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This is the place to explore a person’s resolve, commitment, character, courage or priorities, with respect to living a life for Christ. Gut Check is a category that will confront some of life’s most challenging courses.

Don't Leave The Waiting Room - iRunByFaith com 0

Don’t Leave the Waiting Room

How many of you enjoy waiting? Waiting in the drive thru, in traffic, in the doctor’s office, in God’s waiting room?? If I am honest with you, I do not...

Tree Of Life For You - iRunByFaith 0

The Tree Of Life For You

  A lot has been posted this weekend on our social media pages. One in particular jumps out at me. The phrase “if this offends you then unfriend me”.  I...

Identify The Opponent 0

Identify The Opponent

Sports… I love sports! March is one of many great sports months on the calendar. March Madness, springtime and the crack of the bat! What more could you ask? Everyone,...

Pushing On A Pull Door - i Run By Faith 0

Pushing On A Pull Door

Have you ever tried to push a door open that clearly had a pull sign on it? I have found myself slamming into a door then feeling slightly embarrassed when...

Less Least Last 0

Less Least Last

  Now that the election is behind us, we can say goodbye to the nomenclature, backstabbing advertising. It was seemingly one ad after another; featuring egos bashing their opponents. Can’t...