Locked Out: The Testimony Of Jerry Hensley

I was locked out of Heaven! I pulled and tugged on the gates but it was useless. I called out for help, but I was completely alone and overwhelmed with fear!

— Jerry Hensley

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  1. David Hensley says:

    Jerry is my cousin. He and Luarbeth came to Michigan today and he saved me from hell. I’ve had heart disease for almost 20yrs. 3 weeks ago my beautiful wife and I were given the terrible news that the Doctor’ s have found a blockage known as the widow maker. The thought of death scared me to no ends as for I didnt know where i would spend eternity. I called out to God lost as a little child would do when lost from a parent. Still unsure of what to do God told me to pick up the phone and call Jerry. I knew I would find the answers I needed. Lord thank you for letting my cousin live. For not only has he lead me to you and saved me from hell,he also saved 2 of my children along side me on this same day. From my heart , I love you Jerry and Luarbeth Hensley. And now you’ve got us to Lord. I’ll see you all in heaven when this life on earth is over. Amen and God bless.
    Dave Hensley

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